Dana Wigdor: The Floating Verse

D. Wigdor, Celestial Chord, oil on canvas, 30″x30”, 2004

When our friend Larry said we had to meet Dana Wigdor and see her art, we paid attention. Larry is an artist himself (we’re trying to convince him to do a show), and also a fixture on Main Street. A tough customer. When he mentioned Dana—the landscapes she paints, the beautiful enigmas intruding, the wordless intelligence of it all—we realized we had never heard him say much of anything at all about art, certainly nothing specific about another artist. Never a rave. We had to find Dana right away. Fortunately she lives and works just up the road. In a little cottage that is a bright bubble of another world edging improbably into ours. Like the aspect of her work people seem to notice first. She calls them “widgets,” and, make of them what you will (wetware prosthetics? hybrid alien biologies? satirical doodles? cold prophecy?), we are proud that they will be calling the living room home for a while. Whole gently mechanical ecosystems of them. In oil, ink, and chalk.

The show, Dana Wigdor: The Floating Verse, opens tomorrow, Friday November 4 (reception at 6:00), and will be on view in our gallery through December. Hours: 12:00 to 6:00 daily (closed Tuesday and Wednesday).




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